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Membership Information

Hello and welcome to Dressage and the London Dressage Association. Please note that this document does not replace a close reading of the Equestrian Canada Rule book. Indeed, the rule book and the steward are the final authorities on what is and is not allowed/required!

Equestrian Canada (or EC) is the Governing Sport Body for all Equestrian Sport except horse racing in Canada. They write the rules, certify the judges and select our Olympic Teams. The main focuses are the Gold and Platinum competitions. As of 2008, all competitors over the age of 10 will be required to hold an EC Sport License (Membership) to compete in a sanctioned event. Which one you purchase will depend on what level you are planning on showing. It will all be broken down in a chart a little later.

Equestrian Canada Horse Sport License (Horse Recording)  is required if you are showing at the Silver Level or above. The Horse Recording is used to identify horses in competition, track ownership, and points earned. It is purchased through Equestrian Canada. If your horse already has a passport, you will no longer need the paper version as all horse recordings are electronic now. Renewal of the horse recording can be done on the same form as your Equestrian Canada Sport License. If you are purchasing a new electronic horse recording, the first yearly sticker is included in the purchase price.

Dressage Canada (DC) is the division of EC that deals strictly with Dressage. You may be required to have a DC membership, depending on the level of showing you choose. Holding a DC Membership allows you to gain points towards year-end DC awards. As well, you will receive a copy of the OMNIBUS (test booklet) when you join. Dressage Canada Memberships are included in your EC Sport License.

Ontario Equestrian(OE) is our Provincial Governing Body. Membership with the OE is mandatory for all competitors regardless of division. Your Membership will also include Liability Insurance, a subscription to their magazine and various member benefits. Memberships can be purchase through their website or on the EC Sport License form on the Provincial Organization line. If you have already purchased your OE, you just need to check the box that it has been purchased separately.

Canadian Dressage Owners and Riders Association (CADORA) is a separate organization devoted to the domestic development of Dressage in Canada. It oversees the bronze and silver dressage circuit, and it organizes and runs the silver year end championships. Also, it sponsors various clinics to promote classical dressage. It has division within its organization based on geographical location. The London Dressage Association is an Associate Club of CADORA Ontario. Membership is voluntary but qualifies you for CADORA year end awards, the receipt of the CADORA newsletter, the chance to participate in CADORA clinics and the CADORA OMNIBUS. CADORA Memberships can be purchased with your LDA Membership.

The London Dressage Association (LDA) is our local club. Membership is voluntary but it qualifies you for our year-end awards, newsletter and clinics. Non-members are required to pay a non-member fee ($20) with their entries.

What do I need?

First you will need to decide which level you would like to show.

The LDA is currently offering shows at the Bronze and Silver Equestrian Canada Levels. There are additional Gold and Platinum levels that are designated as National shows and are offered at other venues across the country.

Bronze  is a local club division geared towards newer riders and horses. The classes available are Introductory (Walk/Trot), Training Level, First Level – Fourth Level, and the corresponding Freestyles where available. LDA members will qualify for year-end awards in the Bronze Division.

Silver  is a Provincial Division that has classes available from Introductory (Walk/Trot) thru to Intermediare 2 or B (at most shows), along with the corresponding Freestyles. In addition to the LDA Year-end awards, there are Provincial Year-end (CADORA-Ontario) awards as well as a Championship Show. If you are a CADORA-Ontario member, you will qualify for CADORA-Ontario awards at the year end championships.

Here is the chart breaking down Membership Requirements. Dressage Canada Memberships are mandatory for those individuals showing at the Silver Level and above.

 Show Level  Mandatory Requirements  Optional Memberships

  1. Equestrian Canada:Bronze Sport License (Juniors under 10 years of age exempt)
  2. OE Membership
  2. LDA
  3. CADORA-Ont
  1. Equestrian Canada:Silver Sport License (Juniors under 10 years of age exempt)
  2. OE Membership
  3. Equestrian Canada:Horse Recording
  2. LDA
  3. CADORA-Ontario

Note: Amateur Status must be declared on Equestrian Canada Sport Licenses for those Adults who wish to do so.