LDA Youth Team Challenge 2000

This year was a close race that was completed amid pouring rain and between bouts of lightning. Congratulations to all of our riders and thank you for participating in this year's Youth Team Challenge
Team Members Average Score
Blue   60.9
  Crystal Belore  
  Leteasha Gorham  
  Adrienne Johnston  
  Hilary Laing  
  Laura Snobelen  
  Doug Warnock  
Purple   59.8
  Alexandra Devin  
  Nicole Mann  
  Jessica Parsons  
  Allison Poel  
  Amy Preston  
  Sarah Warnock  
Gold   59.0
  Lindsey Cartier  
  Brendan Laing  
  Shannon Luckham  
  Jillian Spruce  
  Rebecca Steer  
  Jennifer Szucs  
Red   56.3
  Brittany Desat  
  Beth Hamelin  
  Kaitlyn Hines  
  Meghan Luckham  
  Andria Natale  
  Haley Pink  

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